[growth | planning | team training]
Developing a business strategy that enables your business to thrive and allows you to live your dream life.


[social | event | content | email]
Building and executing a marketing plan that connects your offering with your perfect customers.


[web | branding | promotional material]
Creating a brand story that stirs up emotion – a consistent message that runs across all channels.


Outsource your digital marketing strategy and delivery


The Story.

Digitia has been in business since 2011. In 2015 we paused, reflected and ultimately pivoted. We responded to the market because the way people do business has shifted significantly in recent years. Deals are struck in coffee shops. Teams work remotely. Our phones are part of us.


Businesses are no longer built on bravado – they’re built on integrity: people care about connections, providence and experiences. It’s our challenge to unearth and magnify the energy of your business. For this reason, authenticity is key. You need to know what your business is about, what it stands for and how it will change the world.


Through our honest, gritty and real world approach, we help you to bring out the truth in your business: we shine a light on what drives you and bring that to the world. That is how business is done. One – to – one magnified by digital.

The Approach.

Inspire and


Your business needs to add life changing value from the first contact. That means inspiring and informing your customers through content, videos, ideas, approach, conversation and technology. We’ll help you bring this to life.

Experiment and evolve

Your online presence is not built in stone. It is fluid, evolving and ever moving. We work with you test out new ideas – everything evolves from day one.

Love, love, love what you do

If you don’t love what you do – we’re not interested! We want to take your passion, proposition and story to the world so it’s important we find that passion before we begin marketing!

Virtual and omnipresent

Digital doesn’t sleep, and neither does Digitia. We’ll have your business represented 24/7, 365 days a year. We are part of the movement driving the virtual working styles of 2016.

Our Favourite Tools.

Latest Blog.

The Digital Generation - Generation C

How to Market to Generation C – The First Ageless Generation

Want to grow in 2016 and beyond? Success today is less about your approach to digital, and more about your approach to people. Interesting blog about the trends in Generation C – the first ageless generation – and how you can work with them to grow your company and change the world.

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Latest Project.

Rebuild of the slick and stylish Konnectifi web site

April 2016

Konnectifi are experts in the design and build of innovative wireless networks and have been since 1999. They commissioned Digitia to build a clean, responsive web site that is easy to navigate, punchy to read and fun to explore. We built lots of custom graphics to give it a unique flavour and built it in an ‘app’ style to meet the growing trend of people browsing on their mobiles and tablets. We think it looks pretty cool…what do you think?

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Konnectifi responsive web site